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A place to keep memories...

Tattoo Shop No. 1 Ha Thanh!

Everything started with Hanoi Old Quarter in 2010 with his passion for tattoo art. Mr. Trung Hannya (Nguyen Thanh Trung). After many innovations, Hannya Tattoo Studio now has 2 locations at 48 Hang Buom and Tokyo - Japan. With unremitting efforts, efforts, and dedication, in Hanoi, Hannya Tattoo Studio for many years has been honored to enter the list of top 10 prestigious and quality stores. Hannya Tattoo is also the place where many generations of talented tattooists are trained and honored to receive many awards in large and small competitions across the country and internationally...

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Creative, Distinctive and play hard

With a team of Artists, we bring you many styles such as Traditional Asian, European, Realistic, Mini, Japan Irezumi, Old School, Neo Traditional, New School...


Perhaps there is hardly a cultural feature like the Japanese Irezumi tattoo - Both historical and literary, recognized worldwide. And exhibited in museums in Los Angeles, USA.


Realistic tattoo makes an impression at first sight. This is the current trend, realistic tattoos, vivid 3D images are the unique point of tattoo art...


Blackwork tattoos are one of the boldest and most dramatic styles. Inspired by simplicity, sophistication, blackwork tattoos are often combined with lines and geometric blocks. This is considered a style that is very "popular" with young people today. 

Neo Tradition

The most extravagant and extravagant art in the tattoo community, this distinctive style blends traditional American tattoo techniques with a rich history of arts and crafts...

Mini Tattoo

Each person will have a different personal story, so each tattoo will have a distinct meaning and purpose, personality and sophistication...

New School

Booming in the 70s, New School developed and influenced the Old School style. This style features thick lines in vivid colors and exaggerated depictions of the subject matter of the tattoo. 

And there are many other genres waiting for you to discover...

Honoring Vietnamese tattoos”

Trung Hannya

Professional style: Asian style, Janpanese style... With 10 years of dedication to tattooing, he always brings a burning desire not only to change people's view of tattoos but above all he wants to show Vietnamese tattoo art is going far and developing around the world. Currently, he is working in Vietnam and Japan - The cradle of world tattoo art!

What do customers say?

A few of our thousands of beloved customers...


''Thank you so much Hannya Tattoo for turning my cesarean scar into an amazing piece of art''.

Ms. Anna Olson 


''You will never regret coming to get a tattoo at Hannya Tattoo. Everything professional from tattoos to space''.

Mr. Duc


''Artists at Hannya Tattoo are very enthusiastic! I am extremely satisfied with the service at the shop. Thank you for the meaningful tattoos on my body! This is my 4th time coming here''.

Mr. Jayson

Never follow a trend, a rut inherent

When many people think that they are saturated with countless similar tattoos, we always offer new perspectives on tattoos, art and how to fulfill your passion for engraving and recording memories on your own body. . Nothing will make you remember longer than getting a tattoo...


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Working hours: 9:30 - 20:30 (daily)

Hotline: 090.203.8181

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