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Hannya Tattoo Studio is a gathering place for talented artists at home and abroad.

Với nhiều phong cách mang đến cho các bạn như Japanese, Old School, NEO, New School, Châu Á, Châu Âu, Tả Thực, Blackwork... 

When you come to our Hannya Tattoo, you not only have a beautiful tattoo, a great tattoo, but you also have a unique design that our artists put their passion and love into. that tattoo.

Inspired by the world of painting and culture, profound thought brings the essence of art from ancient to modern. Hannya Tattoo was born in 2010 with the desire to develop professional tattoo services and build a true art profession in Vietnam. All of these things make Hannya Tattoo not simply a tattoo, but it also carries a spiritual value of the performer and the owner of it.

With modern equipment, professional tattoo techniques and thoughtful advice to customers, each artist of Hannya Tattoo becomes the one to convey the meaningful stories and messages of your tattoos through each stroke. . 

You will get a different feeling that we give you compared to other tattoo addresses whether in Vietnam or internationally.

Experience your hobby, your passion for once at Hannya Tattoo Studio!


Trung Hannya

Professional style: Asia style, Janpanese style.

With 10 years of dedication to the tattoo profession, he always brings a burning desire not only to change people's views about tattoos, but above all, he also wants to bring Vietnamese tattoo art to far and develop in the world. around the world. Currently, he is working in Vietnam and Japan - The cradle of world tattoo art.

Team Hannya Tattoo

Come and share, let us write your story and ideas based on our skills!

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📍 Tokyo Japan. Nishi Kawaguchi

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